Frayed originated in 2007 by designer Lauren Shields. What began as a passion for creating unique jewelry pieces naturally evolved to a thriving business that breathes a blend of vintage style and urban design elements into its lush line of accessories. The vision of Frayed is not to present pieces that are in style now, but have been for years.

Each and every piece is hand-picked to represent the past and present but, more important, show off an individual’s distinct personality. Frayed fits anyone who loves to express their individuality, is full of spirit, and lives by the phrase “Hakuna Matata”. A person with Southern charm or California dreamin’. It’s for people who appreciate the outdoors, arts, and everything in between. A person who loves the Beatles just as much as Lady Gaga, and relates to the words of Bob Dylan.

Frayed is now in retail stores throughout the country and is quickly expanding to other locations. If you love the bracelets, please spread the word.

Don’t hesitate to inquire about special orders designed just for you. And remember, the past and present are only strings apart.